Tuesday, May 15

Ocean Shores Kind of Place

Ocean Shores is a "different" sort of place. There's really no employment base other than the local government and businesses that cater to tourists during the summer. The most notable movie that featured Ocean Shores was "Safety Not Guaranteed." That low budget movie featured an eccentric time traveller - and our tiny local library has TWO copies. My favorite Ocean Shores book is entitled "The Ocean Shores Tourist Killer." It was written by the former editor of our local (what passes for) weekly newspaper. The library used to have a copy but they got rid of it. Apparently too many people checked it out.

My own favorite video on Ocean Shores is below. The phone booths at 1:50 are now where the IGA bike rack is. In that post, here, you can still see the conduit that used to power the phone booths. At the start of the video, you'll see that the sign provides directions to the "Unused Airport" and the "Former Library." The first remains the case. I've never seen such an overbuilt airport with so little traffic. It is amazing so much tax money has been spent on it. The city justifies it as "federal funding," but last time I checked, the Feds used tax money as well. My own suggestion for a cost saving was not well received (I suggested paying a limosine to sit at the nearby Hoquiam Airport on a 24/7 basis to provide free transport for anybody landing there that really wanted to go to Ocean Shores). As for the "Former Library," well, the City Council closed it until they realized that the local schools have no libraries and it was the only place students could check out books. Now it is funded by levies. More on that some other time.

And, before you think to ask, NO I'm not Checker Steve and I had nothing to do with the writing or singing of the song. I DID hear about it while visiting the local espresso stand, however.


cafiend said...

I think I saw that movie...

RANTWICK said...

Safety Not Guaranteed is a favourite of mine. Like that sign too. Also Checker Steve broke my brain.

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