Saturday, August 22

Ride Report

One thing I always enjoy reading in the Doohickie and Rat Trap bike blogs are when they go places. Commuting is fun, but its nice to see "just riding around Fort Worth" stuff too. Here's a little giveback in return. Lots of pictures on this one.

Y'all already saw the bike route and bike lane stuff on the previous post. Here're a few more:

First off, to the left, Bass Hall, as seen coming in on Fort Worth Bike Route 340 (actually, you have to make a 2 block detour).

Next, off to the right, the Tarrant County Courthouse; a distinctive landmark visible from many places.

I forgot to take any TCU/Southern Trinity Trail pictures, but Doohickie & Rat Trap have covered this part of the route several times so use your imagination. However, on the way out, instead of Route 340, I rode the Trinity Trail from the east side of the 4th Street Bridge over to Gateway Park. These are shown below, starting with the Fort Worth Rowing Club. Some of this part of the path is not well paved so the road bike was not totally happy and even laid down on the job at one point. However, Rantwick will be happy to hear that eventually I got a "smooth path." Finally, I got back onto Route 340 on the other side of Gateway Park, after discovering that a "road" on Google was actually an open field. Road bikes on 23c tires do not do well crossing open fields, and cycle shoes pick up moisture from the grass very well...


Rat Trap Press said...

How often do you ride into Ft. Worth? We're going to have to meet up sometime.

Doohickie said...

I've spent a lot of time on the east side lately, getting my son settled into college and helping my wife get her classroom ready for the coming year. I passed over the trail at Beach Street and decided that maybe I should try riding out there; I haven't ridden east of downtown, believe it or not. Great pics.

I think we need to set up a ride in Fort Worth, at least the three of us and whoever else wants to join us. We should weait until September I think, to give Myles a chance to recover from his flu bug.

Rantwick said...

I like my 28c wheels partly because they can, in a pinch, handle some grass. On the other hand, a true road bike would be a nice addition to my current stable of 2...

Steve A said...

Meeting sounds good sometime in September. I know some of that vast crowd that follow y'all might be interested and I know that ChipSeal's range includes TRE.

Steve A said...

28c tires would have been nice. Buddy would have barely slowed down.

Rantwick, repeat after me - Cyclocross bikes RULE. Had I not already had the road bike when I got Buddy, I'm not sure I would bother getting a true road bike, because it's not a whole lot lighter or faster.

Luckily, the road bike is now under the 10cent per mile target range, so I don't feel bad about having that extra bike around.

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