Monday, May 21

Mixed Feelings

It really caught my eye. The first I saw, it was cited as something along the lines of newlyweds depart in "vintage" car. I thought: "Cool, this is an English tradition I can endorse!" My own E-type is the same age as the one Harry and Meghan departed in. The only thing I really noticed is that it seemed odd for them to be driving a left-hand drive car away from Windsor Castle. As it turns out, theirs is a bit different. They yanked the beautiful, three carb straight six double overhead cam engine and put in a boxy looking electric motor.

I suppose these are the times we live in. Perhaps this is the way the English attempt to change to a more modern way of life. Perhaps someone at Jaguar simply overloaded on Scotch one day. What will come next for this poor car; air conditioning and power steering? Perhaps, just as the French played "God Save the Queen" using the engine of a Renault as recalled here, this is an English attempt to be more humorous than the French.

They took a Milestone Car and Stuck a Washing Machine Motor in it?

You can see more on the electric E-type here. I suppose it is better than them yanking out the engine and sticking a Chevy engine in there...

Sunday, May 20

Old Cars and Older Bikes

Rust Never Sleeps!
Yesterday, there was a "Show and Shine" car show at the Elks Club in Ocean Shores. Mostly, the cars/trucks were of the hot rod and rat rod and "newer Corvette" variety. However, in one truck, there was an ancient gem.

As the sign says, it is a rescued 1930 Elgin bicycle. The "late model" truck it rides in is aging gracefully as well. It is interesting to read the various stickers and bumper art in the photos.

I Have NO IDEA What Those Things that Look Like Roller Skate Wheels are!

The Bike Clearly Hasn't Been Fully Restored

I Don't Think These Came With a "Barn Find" ID Plate Originally...

Saturday, May 19

We No Need No Steenkin Trailers

Each month, the Ocean Shores IGA has a "Price Smashers" Saturday. This month, milk and eggs and various other things were on sale for "can't pass up" prices. Eggs were 99 cents per dozen and milk was $1.99 per gallon. As per usual, I went there on my bike (actually, I went there on my wife's bike). I discovered that my combined Arkel pannier and Burton backpack would carry 2 gallons of milk, 4 dozen eggs, and a wide variety of other things,with some room left over. I didn't even use two of the bags I brought and I didn't even bother attaching the Arkel handlebar bag to the bike.

OTOH, it's still early in the day...

Friday, May 18

Between Bikes and Cars

Chinese "Japanese Mini-Truck Parked at Hardware Store in Ocean Shores
This Mini-Truck Might be Owned by Ace
My loyal reader knows all about bikes and cars. In between those two sizes/types, we all know about All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Golf Carts. Justine Valinotti recently expanded our knowledge about electric bikes, with her post, here. However, beyond this, things seem to get complicated. For example, ATVs, electric bikes and Golf Carts are legal on roads - except sometimes they aren't. Even worse, the rules change from State to State and even from city to city. What's more, there are whole classes of vehicles that are in between bikes and cars that few of us know about or ever see. THESE are also sometimes legal on roads - and sometimes not. Even WORSE, sometimes the rules change depending on whether the vehicle is powered by gasoline or electricity. Even in a little place like Ocean Shores, there was a big debate over golf carts and what the rules were and "should they be allowed?" As in most things, the City Council went on to other things without taking action one way or the other.

Lately, I saw one of these at the local Ocean Shores Ace Hardware. It is a Mini-Truck, sometimes also known as a "Japanese Mini-Truck." Japanese Mini-Trucks, or Kei Trucks, are built many places other than Japan. The one I saw at Ace was built in China. Even after reading up on state laws extensively, it is unclear to me whether these would be street legal in Ocean Shores. Probably so, if the speed limit was 35 or less and it had a license plate. I guess a mini-truck is less dangerous than a golf cart that has lights and seat belts. Oddly, these would be allowed to go 10MPH faster in Texas than in Washington on the same road. Still, despite the odball local politics, these would seem ideal for a place such as Ocean Shores where low speeds and low traffic make the full array of safety equipment somewhat excessive.

Mini-Trucks do not Use all Safety Equipment Required on Cars. IIHS Does NOT Like That!

Note Lack of License Plates. The Website Has Been Abandoned by Mag Which is Out of Business
Parts for this Vehicle are now Problematic

Tuesday, May 15

Ocean Shores Kind of Place

Ocean Shores is a "different" sort of place. There's really no employment base other than the local government and businesses that cater to tourists during the summer. The most notable movie that featured Ocean Shores was "Safety Not Guaranteed." That low budget movie featured an eccentric time traveller - and our tiny local library has TWO copies. My favorite Ocean Shores book is entitled "The Ocean Shores Tourist Killer." It was written by the former editor of our local (what passes for) weekly newspaper. The library used to have a copy but they got rid of it. Apparently too many people checked it out.

My own favorite video on Ocean Shores is below. The phone booths at 1:50 are now where the IGA bike rack is. In that post, here, you can still see the conduit that used to power the phone booths. At the start of the video, you'll see that the sign provides directions to the "Unused Airport" and the "Former Library." The first remains the case. I've never seen such an overbuilt airport with so little traffic. It is amazing so much tax money has been spent on it. The city justifies it as "federal funding," but last time I checked, the Feds used tax money as well. My own suggestion for a cost saving was not well received (I suggested paying a limosine to sit at the nearby Hoquiam Airport on a 24/7 basis to provide free transport for anybody landing there that really wanted to go to Ocean Shores). As for the "Former Library," well, the City Council closed it until they realized that the local schools have no libraries and it was the only place students could check out books. Now it is funded by levies. More on that some other time.

And, before you think to ask, NO I'm not Checker Steve and I had nothing to do with the writing or singing of the song. I DID hear about it while visiting the local espresso stand, however.