Thursday, May 27

The Dark Side of the Land Rover Rule

The Land Rover Rule states: “Don’t do anything on the bike you wouldn’t do in the Land Rover.” While I would never run a red light in the Land Rover, I do, on occasion, proceed during a yellow light. Following the Land Rover Rule, I crossed Highway 26 with a yellow light twice this week on my bike. Nobody gave me a hard time about it, but afterwards, somehow, I felt cheap. Bikes ARE different. I think this is a case where one should consider the corollary to the rule where one shouldn’t do stuff in the Land Rover it wouldn’t be safe to do on the bike. In truth, it isn’t wise to proceed on yellow if it is practical to stop, even if you DO have a V-8 engine and airbags. Red light cameras are set to record violations of the letter of the law, not the boundary between safe and not-so-safe. Yeah, I was legal, but that Highway is REAL wide and that yellow isn't really all that long...

Intersection with Highway 26 - The Light is Green Here for Short Time
Red for LONG Time


John Romeo Alpha said...

If I cut across a small park, right through the grass, on my bike, am I breaking the LRR?

Steve A said...

Well, actually, I see motorists do that, but I think you have ID'd the main exception to the LRR.

cafiend said...

If the Land Rover has 4-wheel-drive, a lot of terrain options open up.

ChipSeal said...

Drive a Land Rover the same way you drive a bicycle. If you are not willing to do that, you are not driving your bicycle correctly.

Steve A said...

Sadly, Land Rovers ARE different than bikes. Viewed honestly, John Forester put his finger on it - there are some places bikes can go where Land Rovers should NOT. See the photo at: for one example.

AND, would YOU want to take a (full size) Land Rover up a freight elevator? I take my commute bike up the freight elevator regularly. In reality, the Land Rover rule really only applies to operation on the road and related pavement areas.

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