Friday, May 13

Cold Dark Winter - North Texas Version

Dead Sago Palm? Bedford, TX
In the last couple of weeks, I've been noticing the effects of our unusually cold winter snap last February. For those of you with short memories or new to visiting this blog, I'll post a reminder photo of Buddy in the snow. However, the signs are unmistakable. For example, palm trees - at the northern edge of their range, tend to have what they refer to as "crown rot." Considering that we're now at mid May, I suspect the two specimens in these photos may have departed this earth and will have to be replaced by new members of their species, or with trees that can withstand our occasional North Texas cold.
What's more, with the onset of warmer weather, I notice that the human element has acquired a decidedly paler tint than is typical for May weather. Hopefully, the leg in the photo is not indicative of a vitamin D deficiency...

That Leg Looks a Little Pasty!
The Same Leg (and shoe) in 2009


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limom said...

Where are my welder's goggles?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Good lord man, that's appalling! The tree is not good, either!

Danial123 said...

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Steve A said...


If you actually READ the blog, you'd know that, while I like cruiser bikes, I not only have none, but ride none. Of course, I expect no reply from an electronic automaton...

Steve A said...

Danial123, your latest phony link doesn't work. Just for your algorythm's info. Sheesh!

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