Sunday, August 11

SWSS is Different Here

This SWSS Candidate Really IS a Deer!
Cycling writing tends to have its very on jargon that is mysterious to those not “in the know.” One example is the term “SWSS.” Most often it stands for “Single Witness Suicide Swerve” in which a crash occurs where the only survivor – a motorist, states that the cyclist mysteriously swerved in front of that motorist. Of course, the motorist is normally “unhurt” and when the crash also occurs in conjunction with fleeing from the scene, the motorist sometimes claims to have thought he or she “hit a deer.”
Well, that thought carries more credibility in Ocean Shores, where deer are more common than cats and dogs combined. Kermit warns them as I barrel along. I’ve seen what happens when a deer runs into a vehicle. 1967 Jaguar E Type Coupe and the deer hit the A post pillar on the driver's side. Nasty…


Pondero said...

And that one looks plenty well feed.

I made the mistake of watching one cross in front of me, and scamper away, only to experience a rather close call bike/deer collision with a follower.

Chandra said...

What a coincidence! We have a lot of deer in Roswell as well.
I see them from the bedroom window on many a morning and on the roads. I haven't had a close call on a bike and luckily in a car with them. Hope it will stay that way. There are quite a few new born fawns and they are adorable. It warms my heart to see them.

Life is beautiful, ain't it?

Peace :)

opusthepoet said...

Look out for Bambi's revenge...

cafiend said...

A customer at our shop got banged up pretty badly in a cyclist-deer collision.

I had a bear run out in front of me a few weeks ago. It was a young one, so my main concern was whether its mother was close behind it.

Jon said...

Can you get the deer to move aside so that I get a better view of the D-150 in the background?

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