Thursday, May 10

Changing Judy Into Madeleine

I'm in no real rush here. Part of the enjoyment of a new bike is changing it into what you wish it to be. In many ways, it is very akin to what James Stewart did when he asked Judy to change into Madeleine.

The Mercier, when it arrived, was both pretty complete, but strangely lacking at the same time. A couple of photos illustrating the situation, follow. Definitely not something you'd get from a bike show. Also not something for someone not wanting to make a few tweaks. I COUNTED on making tweaks. And my loyal reader will surely get tired of hearing of the tweaks to come.

Brakes Weren't Hooked Up, and there Were No Levers, Other Than the Crosstops

Oddities - Well, Other Than the Upside Down Stem, Which I Felt Compelled to Try. I Will Switch it Before Hooking Up the Brakes

Cane Creek Headset with USELESS "Warning" Label. Lawyer Jokes Come to Mind...
Advice on How to Remove THIS Decal Without Damage is Welcome!
Still, the siren call of Madeleine has influenced me. My VERY FIRST supplemental purchase was oriented into changing a "Judy" into a "Madeleine." Mon Dieu!" My subsequent purchases may be a bit more prosaic, though this might be a good ride to try out Michelin tires on?

Brooks? We Don' Need No STEENKEN Brooks! Mine is Lightly Used. That will Soon Change...
Madeleine Begins to Emerge...


Chandra said...

Tres bon! Gilles makes good saddles too, I believe. I have his fenders. They are exceptional!

Paz :)

Pondero said...

Ah, the French saddle. Let us know how you like it.

I, for one, will enjoy the refinement updates.

Trevor said...

I love that initial period when you first get a new bike and start making those alterations to it in order to make it your own.....

Regarding the decals..
I have never had a problem in removing them, either from various metal frames or carbon.
Obviously I have exercised great care and only removed them from one corner very sloooowly -but haven't come across one that's beaten me or caused any damage.....
Perhaps I've just been lucky.



John Romeo Alpha said...

Warning stickers: warm them up a bit with a hair dryer. Not too hot! Will come right off. Clean up remaining goo residue with rubbing alcohol.

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