Tuesday, June 12

Helmet Hilarity

Yesterday, I rode my bike past the library and dropped some books into the return slot. Sitting by a bench next to the front door was a man, seated on the bench, taking advantage of the library's free internet that works even at 6AM on Mondays. He'd ridden his bike to the library and, as is typical of tourists, had a colorful helmet on. Now one might wonder how a helmet offers protection while seated on a bench operating a laptop.

Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that he was wearing the helmet for protection in case his computer crashed! I really, really wanted to ask him that, but rode on instead, silently chuckling to myself...


Justine Valinotti said...

Well, you know, any kind of crash can leave you incapacitated!

cafiend said...

A lot of what I see on the internet these days makes me want to wear a full hazmat suit.

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