Monday, July 30

Bad Bike

My wife's bike is a Trek Pure. It's just a junky bike, built for people that ride a bike four or five times before hanging them up in the garage. I realized that pretty early on, but, so far, with a lot of high strength Locktite, I've kept it running. I may have to change out the rear freewheel pretty soon. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any close-ratio seven speed freewheels for sale.

Can anybody tell me why someone would build a bike with a left-hand thread on the right crank and not put any form of positive retention on the cartridge bearing?


Coline said...


cafiend said...

If it's the typical cartridge type BB, positive retention is called "torque." Grease the threads and graunch it with all your might. Recommended drive-side torque for cartridges that thread in from that side is 610 inch pounds. For the adapter cup it's about 250-400 depending on whether it's a plastic or metal cup. Regardless of the instructions from Shimano, grease the adapter cup inside and out, whether it is plastic or metal. If plastic, torque it very gingerly so it does not crack.

cafiend said...

If the problem with the freewheel is worn cogs, you may be SOL. See if IRD has anything, but those will be pricey. If the problem is either loss of engagement or binding up, flood it with penetrant, followed by a heavier oil like Pedro's Syn Lube.

Khal said...

IRC has a 7 speed 13-24.

I saw a 13-25 on Amazon. Yeah, these are so obsolete. I long ago donated mine to a bike resurrection project in Santa Fe.

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