Friday, April 22

Not QUITE Forgotten Even Now

A while back, I published THIS post about the greatest forgotten moment in sports history - the Olympic victory of the 1936 University of Washington crew over Nazi Germany and Italy. As it turns out, as in many stories, one could say "but wait, there's more!"

Now, there's an excellent book about the 1936 Husky Crew entitled "The Boys in the Boat." One thing I never knew before was that the coxswain, Bobby Moch was born and raised about 30 miles from Ocean Shores. Adopted, he was told he was Jewish right before he was leaving to row in the Nazi Olympics. What a time to get told something like this! Perhaps fittingly, he represented the United States when he stood upon the winner's podium to accept the gold medal on behalf of the crew. I do not know if they ever told Hitler about Bobby's background.

Afterwards, coach Jim Ten Eyck of Syracuse said "It's the greatest eight I ever saw, and I never expect to see another like it." And Eyck saw a LOT of crews.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to the Washington program came when Oxford ordered a shell to be used against Cambridge from George Pocock, the builder of the Husky boats.

And wait, there's still at least one more thing. Their boat, the "Husky Clipper" still hangs in a place of honor at the Rowing Center at the University of Washington. Each year, new recruits gather underneath it. At the end of the speech about the rowing heritage at the UW, the coach pauses, raises his hand, and points up at the Clipper before telling THAT story.

I'm told that "The Boys in the Boat" is going to be made into a movie. I guess it's more or less a "Chariots of Fire" - with oars. Certainly, it'll be one of the best competitive rowing movies ever made...

Friday, March 11


In  my post, here, I spoke of Thomas Victor Jones, the last CEO of Northrop Corporation, which later became Northrop Grumman under his successor. Today marked the interment of the "Nancy" shown in that post. I pray she's with her husband once again. While I may not have voted for her husband, both of them DID walk among giants.

Dedication at Moraga Vineyards in Bel Air, California

Wednesday, February 10


In past years, I watched the political process with much less confusion than this year.

In alphabetical order:


  • Hillary declares a resounding victory where the Iowa Party will not release actual votes: Link HERE
  • Bernie wins New Hampshire by over 20 points, but Hillary gets more delegates as noted by link HERE. I guess the Democratic Party isn't entirely "democratic."
  • Albright suggests any woman not supporting Hillary has "a special place in Hell" as noted HERE (video). She didn't specify if Carly was included or if that only applied to Bernie supporters.
  • Gloria Steinem claims that young women voting for Bernie are due to "those are where the boys are" as noted HERE
  • On that basis, Hillary is over 10% to nomination as noted by link HERE
  • There's a little confusion, as some are calling for "Slow Joe" to get back in the race as noted by link HERE. I do NOT think that will happen.


  • Trump seems to be this year's "Teflon Candidate" based on his many divisive comments. I'll let y'all choose your choice of "expletive deleted" ones.
  • Cruz did not win even the New Hampshire Counties closest to Canada. Despite his actions, I expect he's still eligible to run for Canadian office including Prime Minister. Whatever else might be said about him, he's the best Canadian Senator from Texas!
  • Rubio,while his statements about "Obama knew what he was doing" rang true (to me), he got into a robot mode and seems to have self destructed.
  • I can't think of anything horrible Kasich claimed, though in a previous debate, I noted "he doesn't belong up on that stage with the real candidates."
  • As far as I've heard, Carly Fiorina hasn't withdrawn yet, though it sounds like Chris Christie is a little more realistic. Perhaps it is an advantage of being a Governor.
  • Ben Carson is probably the best qualified one of either party to deal with Obamacare, but he's on a downward death spiral. He got half the votes of Carly in NH.
  • Jeb Bush has spent more money for less results than anybody from anywhere. Even with his mom "two Bush's are enough" campaigning for him. We will see if older brother George W helps. I think not. His mom had it right.


  • Bloomberg is considering a third party bid, as noted HERE.
  • I don't see much coverage of the Libertarian Party

Full Disclosure

  • I was the only one in my ROTC Detachment that had a "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McGovern" button on my backpack. Link HERE.
  • Jimmy Carter pretty much cured me of voting for Democrats. His malaise affected me, as did his support of the Shah's regime in Iran. His actions after leaving office show the lack of wisdom of electing any one-term Governor to the presidency. Ditto for one-term Senators.
  • I never voted for Reagan, though I voted in both of those elections
  • I proudly voted for McCain (not a war hero according to Trump), but much less so for Romney.

I guess I'm getting a little jaded...

Saturday, December 12

Best Camera

Olympus Digital Camera Circa 1999
Prompted by a post from cafiend at Citizen Rider about taking a night shot with his "OLD" Olympus, the best camera is


Pictured is my first digital camera. It is an Olympus D450Z (C900). It had all of 1.3 megapixels combined with a 3X optical zoom. I used it for about 5 years until, with the advance of digital camera technology and a flash that no longer seemed to work, I got a newer Fujifilm Finepix S7000. I still use that camera a lot, though new cameras have long since passed it by. Will I get a new compact or digital SLR? Time only will tell...

Thursday, December 10

Mixed Message?

Or "Scare Them into Riding Their Bike!"

Sometimes, I wonder what people that like riding their bikes are thinking. Witness a headline I saw today; above. Associating maiming with bicycle commuting seems like a poor sales tactic to me. I'm sure all my readers have seen many similar headlines posted by people that think they are advocating for cycling.

I prefer the message that I've often cited here: "Cycling is Fun and Safe!" What's more, it's even safer if you are not riding like a clueless person. I guess motoring is pretty much the same way, We should keep in mind that 600 or 700 people get killed each year on bikes. Mostly they were doing something pretty dumb when it happened (wrong way, crossing intersections without looking and many more bad practices), even if the motorist finally got blamed. That compares to 30000 motorists that get killed each year in/on motor vehicles. I guess most of them were also doing something pretty dumb when it happened, so perhaps there IS balance in the Universe.