Tuesday, February 14

Try Traffic Engineering when Cyclist Solution Fails


Our garage equivalent of a painted cycle lane

Cyclists seem to delight in the notion that they can change motorist behavior with "education." Well, that might be so, but motorists are a powerful special interest and such suggestions go nowhere.

At my house, the motorists have trouble parking in the garage without hitting a post or straying over too close to the middle of the garage. I first tryed the cyclist solution of gently "educating" my motorists by installing a flower target for parking position as in the photo at the start of this post.

Well, the cyclist solution didn't work, so I took a "traffic engineer" approach and simply cut away the offending post. Fondly, I leave the flower in place as gentle encouragement. I think we won't see drywall on the front bumper any more...

Cutting away the post avoids problems (I hope)

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