Monday, June 29

Bike Wisdom from Frenchy

From The Red Car:

"When you have a little engine, a good little engine but an engine that is not big, you must learn where is her best power, and you must drive her there, eh?"

Keep that cadence up!


Rantwick said...

Hey hey hey, another "eh"! Things are looking up as we approach Canada Day, July 1.

ChipSeal said...

Canada Day, where Canadians celebrate the fact that they are not Americans, eh?

Steve A said...

In this case, the "eh" is a direct quote, though had I been a little more clever, I would have left this one until July 1 to post.

My mom was born on Canada Day, though they called it "Dominion Day" then. I was nearly five before I realized that Canada hadn't declared my mom's birthday a national holiday.

As for ChipSeal's comment, wouldn't that make every day Canada Day?

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