Wednesday, July 1

Gratuitous Fort Worth Alliance Ski Video in Honor of Canada Day

Hillwood (the developer) sued Intel over the land deal, and the economy's weak. But this is Texas, where anything can happen. Frankenbike would likely mutate again into an "Xtracycle" for purposes of taking the snowboard for a few lunchtime runs. How many places in the world might you ever be able to ride your bike in shorts to go skiing at lunchtime? Maybe in Spring, at Grouse Mountain, but that's about it.

If we ever get on the real outs with the US, Texas saddling up with the Canucks makes sense in a twisted way - both places are different than the US, Canadian Provinces are mostly pretty big so we'd fit in that way, we'd feel chillier in the summer when the weather reports forecast that it'll get up above 38 degrees - and we'll all be skiing. Just don't take away our guns! That'd be a deal breaker.

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