Tuesday, July 7

New Hero

Link here and another is here. I went shopping afterwards, and visited "the Apple Store" on the way home. A few observations, before this post gets photos & gew gaws added:

  • If you're gonna be lazy, don't leave the cell phone at home.
  • If you're gonna be lazy, don't leave the pumps & spares with the bike that's taking a "vacation."
  • If you're gonna be lazy, don't ignore Richard Wharton's ability to teach you to fix a flat without a spare tube, patch kit, or pump.
  • If you're gonna be lazy, don't ignore a known cut in the tire casing for a full year.
  • If you're gonna be lazy, make sure you know how to use a key as a substitute for a tire iron.
  • On the other hand, if you're gonna be lazy, it's best to lose it within a mile of the start of the ride home.
  • Besides, Buddy hasn't been ridden in nearly a month. It was time anyway.

Stay tuned for "purely hypothetical" scenarios & photos. By clicking here, you may see that the Cannondale's front tire is fully inflated. First ever "new DFW P-T-P" gear review!


Rantwick said...

Hey man, I dig this dude too. One disagree: If you wear bike clothes, you can keep your work clothes dry, alleviating the need to avoid wet weather.

Steve A said...

I don't usually wear bike clothes, nor do I wear work clothes except sometimes in winter. Today I wore my "Grumpy's Tough Guys Inc" tank top.

I don't really like spandex very much. I'm inclined to lay in a stock of biking cargo shorts and wool summer jerseys that don't "look" very bikey (is that a word?).

I'm waiting on the Rat Trap Press review to come out.

Doohickie is right - I'm a snob - I'm just a "reverse" snob.

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