Friday, July 3

Uncommon Wisdom Deserves a Special Salute

Read THIS POST. This gets back to basics. I have trouble getting enthusiastic about bike lanes, meaningless bike laws, wide outside lanes, cyclist rights, or about much of anything having to do with modern-day LAB, when I have to fix a potato-chipped wheel because the only real cycling road choice I have looks like Verdun in 1916, while, at the same, the city in question blathers about becoming "bicycle friendly." If we're talking about ENGINEERING, part of that is having roads that don't look like THIS or THIS. If more people took Rantwick's attitude, there'd be a lot less motorist/cyclist friction. Mostly our interests are common.

Rantwick. Print that post off, frame it, and will it to your children! Reading this, if you want to comment, follow the link and do it there.