Sunday, August 9

Birds by Bike

Stu had the same thought as I did about what a "Durkey" might be. I snapped a shot yesterday on the way back home. He made a post a while back, shown here. Even more interesting is a post he made on Friday showing a video made by GM about bikes, shown here. Go watch it.

I agree with Stu that they're Muscovy Ducks, though I'd always thought they were some sort of deformed geese until I read his suggestion. What we don't know, is if they're also "Durkeys."

In contrast to Stu's birds, when I got off the bike and approached them with camera in hand, they got somewhat nervous, though not nearly as much so as regular ducks...


Keri said...

I hear they taste good in panang curry sauce.

Steve A said...

This is NOT a cooking blog. ;-)

ChipSeal said...

Ha ha ha! Keri quacks me up! :)

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