Saturday, August 22

Helmet-induced Injury

Recently, partly out of respect for Bruce Rosar, I started wearing a helmet most of the time. I don't consider them as real safety devices, but they support the "responsible cyclist" impression.

Anyway, without digressing further (and let's not turn this into some helmet debate), while lost today in East Fort Worth, I incurred my first-ever helmet injury when some biting insect flew in a vent hole and bit me on the head. Anybody got experience taping up those vent holes to keep the bees out? Maybe a nylon stocking? I guess that last might not be too popular if I went into a convenience store. It might also detract from the "responsible cyclist" image.

Getting bit at the wrong time could cause a crash. I know I swerved about a bit before coming to a stop.


Chandra said...

Steve A,
Sorry about the bug bite on your head. Shame on that bug :)

I use an UVEX helmet, which I purchased after reading a review in the Dirt Rag magazine. One nice feature this helmet has is a built in insect net, in the front. The other reasons I like this helmet is that I got a really good deal on it on ebay and it is made in Germany.

You might be able to buy similar netting from Home Depot or some place like that and cut into small pieces and glue to the inside of your helmet to keep bugs out.

I got bit by a horse fly in Missouri. The fly was smart. Having noted that I had a helmet on, it bit me on the back of my neck.

So, while this net thingy might prevent a bug biting you on your head, please keep in mind that there are smarter insects!

Here is a link to my helmet:

Peace :)

Chandra said...

Oh, BTW, I merrily entered the Southwest Avenue branch of Southwest Bank in St. Louis, two winters ago, fully clad in my cyclist outfit, not realizing that I had a Balaclava on.

Although, I was a customer of this branch, the security guard turned pale when he saw me. I think my cyclist "mask" scared the living day lights out of him.

So, I agree with you. The stocking may not be such a hot idea LOL

Peace :)

PM Summer said...

You asked for this not to become a "helmet" thread, but your opening statement needs some illumination. Bruce Rosar died when he pulled into the path of an oncoming vehicle he didn't see for some reason. Bruce was wearing a helmet. There is no correlation between Bruce's tragic death and a bike helmet.

Helmets are good for cyclists, but they appear to have little or no effect on cyclist fatalities (helmets aren't designed to). We shouldn't promote that misconception.

On a lighter note, I too once got a "bee in my bonnet", My first Vetta hardshell as I recall (my old Bell Biker had mesh over the vents to prevent such invasions).

I would recommend strips of window screen taped inside the helmet, on a standard "hair net" over the helmet. Useful for placing bits of foliage into for camouflage, as well.

Steve A said...

PM is, of course, correct in everything he states in his first two paragraphs. To further clarify, Bruce was in the process of making a left turn.

WRT the LAST two, this mesh idea suddenly interests me much more than it would have on Friday. The trick is to keep the more painful bugs out without hurting the ventilation. That suggests a fairly coarse mesh.

Rat Trap Press said...

The Rudy Project Kntact helmets that I bought have mesh barriers to keep the bugs out. You can get these helmets pretty cheap online. You could also just wear a cycling cap under your helmet.

As far as recent accidents involving helmet clad cyclists there is this terrible incident:

No cars involved but he was racing.

twister said...

Used to be able to buy plastic screening by the foot at home depot. That and a dab of silicone to hold it in place should keep 'em out, I should think. Or you might do nothing at all. It may never happen again.

Steve A said...

I hope that twister's correct. Somehow, gooping up the expensive helmet I got for Christmas seems like it might be a lot of bother. The objective here is NOT to wind up looking like a beekeeper...

ChipSeal said...

So far, reflective tape has seemed to keep all the bugs out of my helmet! In truth though, my helmet has ingested a number of bugs over the years, but I have been blessed to have avoided any stings.
Like Steve, I have more problems with ants than flying bugs.

Steve A said...

Thanks to ChipSeal for the reminder - fire ants are much worse than bugs in the helmet! I think I'll live on the wild side and run screen naked.

ChipSeal said...

However, most of us (Perhaps not PM!) have more natural protection than you do when it comes to helmet ingested bugs.

Steve A said...

I'll just note that some of us choose to save weight in different ways than others. In contrast to what some have suggested, I've heard that those that lose their hair in back are great thinkers, those that lose it in front are great lovers, and those that lose it in both places think they're great lovers...

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