Saturday, August 29

HH100 Items I Could Have Talked About

If I were to summarize the HH100, I could focus on many different areas. For example, I could glom onto the goodie bag and note there was a handout focused on Rantwick, with a photo here. I could also inquire about whether "Chamois Butt'r" is a bad joke (thankfully, no photos). If I were to talk about the "for sale" area, I could talk about the fanny pack I actually purchased, shown here (I'm not an expert on them, as is Rantwick). Or, I could talk about the really sweet looking green, three-seater Co-Motion, shown here.

On the other hand, I could talk about the guy from this club I kept seeing early in the tour (couldn't positively ID him from the LMRA Bike club photo gallery - sorry Doohickie), or the really sweet Surly (Cross Check, not Long Haul Trucker, but the same color as Keri's) with moustache bars, also wrapped in the same color wrap. But I'm not going to put up photos about any of that stuff, nor about the rest stops. You'll just have to click on the links for the ones that interest you.

Instead, my photo shows an enthusiast, Jennifer, with whom I rode along with the last ten miles. She was riding my road bike's younger sibling. The photo shows both bikes and Jennifer, who finished the hundred at 1:30PM. And now you know one reason I like Starbucks - Saeco makes coffeemakers that are sold there and also sponsored the Cannondale Racing Team. Handmade in the USA, at least when these babies were built.

BTW - "Hotter Than Hell" was a misnomer this year - it didn't even break 90F and we had mild winds all day. There are videos at, including four of my favorite Northrop aircraft, the T-38 out of Shepperd AFB.


Chandra said...

Steve A,
Super cool post and looks like you did the 100 miles in 6 hours or so. Bravo!

Really nice Co-Motion 3-seater too and thanks for taking a picture to post here and thinking me.

Good observation about the Cannondale bicycles being not made here any more. All the Cannondales I bought new, the T-800 (current commuter), the Road Warrior 400 (sold) and the Lefty (sold) were made here but I think even back in 2007, the lower end ones might have been made overseas. Unfortunately, the F6 I have is NOT made in the USA.

Your red Cannondale is a nice looking bike!!

Glad you had a good time!

Peace :)

Rantwick said...

Did you grab one of those pamphlets for me? Nice post, man. For not talking about stuff, you sure manage to talk alot.

Steve A said...

I have a pamphlet.

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