Thursday, August 27

It Seemed Sinful

But it felt good as well.

Something must have really tweaked all the Keller bus routes with the opening of their new high school. This morning I ran across another school bus that was stopped, along with a lane of parked parents doing some sort of not-very-obvious-to-me school-dropoff-or-child-snatching thing. None of these buses were EVER sighted last spring!

Off the bike I hopped. Past the bus I walked, and I was on my way. Last I saw of THAT bus. The motorists didn't seem perturbed. Most of them were busy texting. I guess y'all were right.

Put this one in the "another way bikes are different" category.

ALSO, it rained this morning on the way in. I don't really like riding the road bike in wet conditions - the narrow slicks get a little twitchy in the wet, but this is probably the last time this year I'll ride the road bike in to work. Tomorrow is "Drive Your Bike to Work Day" and then it's off to Wichita Falls. When I get back, it'll be time for Buddy to start earning its keep again now that the days are getting shorter.

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