Tuesday, August 4

Motorist Psychology

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The photo above was taken on Bear Creek Parkway in Keller. Notice how the right lane tire tracks are not centered in the lane, but are offset to the left. This lane is wide enough that I can't believe that the motorists are seriously afraid they'll run into the RH curb. You'll note that the LH lane doesn't have any obvious offset at all.

What's going on here and what might it mean to the curious cyclist?

FWIW, I ride on the RH side of the LH tire track, which seems to maximize passing clearance. Nobody has ever given me a hard time about not hugging the curb, nor for not using the wide sidewalks (on both sides of the road), which are called "paths" by Keller. Yes, this road is vastly overbuilt for the level of traffic, which makes it great for cycling. Heading east in the morning, I can hit 35mph by the bottom of that hill. Going home is considerably slower...


Keri said...

A 4-lane road overbuilt for the level of traffic is about the best bike facility I can think of.

Steve A said...

Thanks to you, it's the SECOND best bike facility I can think of! See TODAY'S post.

Eastern Bikes BMX said...

What place is suit for motor

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