Thursday, August 6

Parking Lots are all Equal

But some are more equal than others. This is parking nirvana.

For your viewing pleasure, the Fort Worth Cabela's parking lot. Actually, it's mainly the parking lot service road. Cabelas has the only parking lot around locally that has a six lane service road, complete with median and left turn lanes. They even have Bott's Dots for Doohickie's amusement. If you were so inclined, you could even ride on wide sidewalks as long as the landscape maintenance guys weren't busy. There's actually one at work in the circled area of the top photo.

The only motorist interactions I've ever had in this lot are an occasional 18 wheeler rumbling out to the I-35W service road. It's kind of like one of those sci fi movies where everyone disappeared except for the hero of the movie.

This parking lot is so special, that I happily make a run down the Alliance Gateway Freeway to get to it on the way to work. It would not work in the afternoons, since the roads aren't aligned to use it going south, and Cabela's is actually open.

(click on any picture except the last one for a bigger, more luxurious view)


Doohickie said...

See, and now I'm trying to avoid parking lots. At your insistence.

Make up you mind!

Steve A said...

Wait, there's more. In the spirit of true confessions there are TWO other parking lots I also ride through on my commute in to work. One of them also gets used on the way home, but only when the temperature's above 100F. Those will be revealed in future posts.

You have to admit, however, Cabela's lot is quite different than the typical Kroger. I didn't even bother getting off the bike to take the photos.

Rantwick said...

I don't care how nice any parking lot is, I don't ride in them unless I'm going to a store.

This is largely due to the fact that my mother always told us that parking lots were "some of the most dangerous places in the world" when we were little kids. It stuck with me, it would seem.

Steve A said...

I'll just continue to have Cabela's all to myself!

Rollz said...

Steve is that access road only for Cabelas? That is one grand entrance for just one store.

Steve A said...

Rollz, it's even grander than that. The top picture is the Cabelas "perimeter" service road. It's got its own RT only lane coming off of Alliance Gateway Freeway. My ride only encompasses the "perimeter" road. The middle picture is the Cabelas "entry approach" service road. It's a mere four lanes.

Off to the north and east of the perimeter road are pastures, occupied only by buffalo.

I suspect all this road frenzy was part of the package that Fort Worth kicked in to lure Cabelas. It certainly contrasts with Westport Parkway, which is my alternate route to Alliance Airport.

Steve A said...

As I said, this is parking nirvana. These roads put the Six Flags equivalents to shame.

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