Wednesday, September 2

Booby Bike Infrastructure

Colleyville has its heart in the right place when it comes to cyclists. Really it does. The problem is that anything having to do with bikes is designed by people that are clueless ABOUT bikes. That's why I've got my nemesis road. It's also the subject of today's post.

Around City Hall, are bike racks such as those at left. No need to have "bike rack" printed on these puppies as Fort Worth is compelled to do with its "Star" racks. That bike at the top of the pole leaves no doubt what the pole is for.

The Colleyville Library is in the same complex and I often ride there. However, I have never used these bike racks. I lock my bike to a convenient and solid rail instead .

You might wonder why - well, wonder no longer. Simply look at the base of these poles in the photo below. That nut is a bit larger than anything you could use a multitool on, but it'd be quicker to get a properly locked bike by undoing the nuts than to cut through my "just a minute" lock. Give me a welder and five minutes, and all these useless racks would be fixed by welding the nuts to the studs.

In another amusing, but almost certainly unintentional irony, near at least one or two of the "quick release racks," are signs prohibiting skateboards - and bicycles.

I'm surprised nobody's walked off with the racks...


Rantwick said...

Lame little bolts on bike racks are funny... with the height of that pole though, I get Stooges type images of people with 2X4s on their shoulders, swinging around and clonking stuff.

PM Summer said...

TVS (toy vehicle syndrome) on display.

"Oooo! Bike (parking)! Let's make it cute!"


Steve A said...

Just to be sure, when we were at the library last night for driving practice, I confirmed that those nuts are not only NOT locked, but I was able to loosen them without any wrench at all. Finger tight...

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