Sunday, September 13

The Long Downhill Slide (Dads Wear Smiths)

Lately, I still hear people at work whi, er, complain, about how hot their vehicles are when they get off work and generally it seems that talking about blistering heat is almost a mandatory point of pride in North Texas. Really, though, it isn’t usually all that bad. Still, it seems that the changing of the seasons gets noticed more from the saddle of a bike. Each week now, I find myself turning my lights off a little later into the commute. Each week, the water bottle water takes longer to get hot. Each week, northerly winds are more likely and southerly winds less. The crossing guards and school buses are back at work. Before you know it, we’ll lose the afternoon sun when daylight savings time goes away early again this year.

It’s time to start looking for those clear ski goggles I’ve misplaced, after all, I'd hate to be known as "just a fair weather cyclist."

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Rantwick said...

Nice goggles! I wear something very similar, Oakley Motocross Goggles, and they are possibly my most imprtant piece of winter gear, making a huge difference in comfort. I was having trouble finding ski goggles in clear (untinted) for those dark rides of winter, but the MX products came through with tons of choices in clear.

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