Sunday, October 4

Another NONSTANDARD Bike Signal

At left, the signal means "I've got the right of way, I'm coming fast, and you better not even THINK about crossing my path, Bubba!"

DISCLOSURE: Actually, I was stopped to take this photo. Even I am not dumb enough to try to ride fast while pointing forward with one hand and holding a camera in the other. And, yes, that's "Bubba" just to the left of where my pointer finger is in the photo. You'll note that he's not being a gutter bunny, though something seems a little fishy...


Chandra said... crack me up with the "Bubba"...nice touch, Steve!

Peace :)

Eliot said...

Is he riding towards you??

Steve A said...

Yes. Sometimes known as a salmon. I had one on FM 1709 on Monday, too. That's a 7 lane road with packs of cars.

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