Saturday, October 24

Buddy's Design Point

It's coming. November 7. Boaz Park in Fort Worth. You gotta do it once if you have a cyclocross bike, even if it's mainly a work commute bike. Even if the OLD guys make you feel REALLY old. 14 days from now. Personally, I think it gives the term "Lovely Bicycle" a whole new meaning.

the first 109 seconds captures the essence of cyclocross
the rest hammers on the point in case you missed it

I figure I can't come in worse than last. It's the first race ever for both Buddy and me...
Rab, say hello if you recognize me . I'll be the really old slow guy on the Specialized Tricross Expert.


Chandra said...

have you watched the movie, "pure sweet hell?"

peace :)

Steve A said...

Only the trailer that's on Youtube.

Filigree said...

I am still mystified by the idea of cyclocross.
Baby steps : )

Rat Trap Press said...

Cyclocross looks like a lot of fun. I had watched the race a couple of years ago when it was being held at Trinity Park. I might be there taking photos.

Steve A said...

RT - I'll be easy to spot - just look at the back.

Filigree caught the essence - it's a celebration of cycling that mystifies even the participants.

I just hope Buddy cleans up OK afterward...

Rantwick said...

Go Steve! I don't have a crosser, but my tourer (once built) may do the trick with a tire change... as it stands I can't see myself entering a race. Good for you.

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