Friday, October 9

Cycling’s Dangerous

The way I ride wasn’t the only thing that changed. Based on the second test ride, I concluded the time investment was less than I’d suspected, but I needed further time reduction. Good Friday was the last time I smoked. Six months tomorrow. At the outer time limits of practical cycle commuting, I could no longer afford the 10 minute time penalty that smoking would cost each way. When I took my physical recently, the doctor inquired as to why I’d quit. I replied “I didn’t have the time any more.”

People often tell me cycling’s dangerous. Along with swimming and Dr Atkins, it’s probably why I don’t have diabetes and serious heart problems today – or worse. I have a family history of diabetes. Danger is a relative thing. Ironic, isn't it, that smoking's "mode share" in the US is much higher than the cycling "mode share?" Needless to say, I look at danger in cycling on the road a little differently than many. Besides, it gives me time to stop at Starbucks on the way home. There's worse stuff I could be spending the time doing than sipping a tall coffee while catching up on the daily blog traffic on the way home...

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Rantwick said...

Hey man, keep it up with that non-smoking thing. After having quit for over nine YEARS, I've struggled with it most of 2009, having fallen off the wagon after my Dad died in late 2008. My latest quit is approaching 2 weeks, and it feels like "the one" that will last another 10 years...

twister said...

Don't smoke cigarettes, never have but I have found myself smoking other peoples though. When interacting with people who were smoking, I realize to my surprise, that I'll be making an unconscious effort of inhaling their secondhand smoke.

Steve A said...

Twister, I do the same thing, only I'm VERY conscious when I it - and then I catch myself. Much like alcoholism, smoking is something that, once begun and hooked, is always lurking around the next corner. Trust me, you're better off to just spend the time riding your bike. But I'm sure you know that already.

Rantwick. You gotta find that reason. Now you know how easy it is to get rehooked, it'll double your resolve as that 2 weeks (- yer past the hump, guy!) grows. That reason is different for each of us, and at different times. For me, watching my father-in-law (who I was very fond of) die from it wasn't enough.

I quit once, back in the 80's. When I fell off the wagon, we referred to it as "going to Canada." I do like Players Navy Cut. Good thing Texas is as far away from the Canadian border as it is at the moment. Despite the high price, I'm amazed so many Canadians smoke.

I'll be expecting some inspirational post from Rantwick on this general subject around about Boxing Day.

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