Wednesday, October 7

Déjà vu All Over Again

Mostly, honks don’t bother me much. Once in a while, such as the honk reported here on June 25th, it’s different. As in “Golly, that Guy has Anger Management Problems.” This morning shaped up as a subpar commute from the beginning. My Planet Bike “SuperFlash” pooped out 10 minutes into the ride, after putting fresh batteries in last night. I switched the main rear light into blink mode and pressed on. On Shady Grove, the same honker as in the ABOVE event did an encore performance.

The horn is loud and distinctive, so I immediately knew it was my Okie "friend" once again in his big red pickup. Not wanting to provoke another stop in the middle of the road, I limited myself to a single friendly wave BEFORE (not after this time) the guy passed. Strictly in accord with Keri instructions this time. Sure enough, I saw that "OU" sticker in his back window. Apparently he’s not used to open-handed, friendly waves, because suddenly it appeared he was going to stop in the middle of the road AGAIN, but then thought better of it and went on. It appears we’re both learning, but I think he’s still got a long way to go to learn how to “drive Texas friendly."
I experience roughly 400 motorist interactions (passes or noticeable lane changes or interactions at intersections) in a typical commute day. That makes something a bit over 40,000 interactions to date in my commute to Alliance. I figure a guy representing 0.005% of motorist interactions, but 100% of harassment during that same period is not normal, but such an outlier is bothersome simply due to its rarity. It’s doubly bothersome that he’s a repeater, on a segment of the route where there aren’t really any decent alternative choices.

Duly noted, including the vehicle "decoration" in "the honk project." CycleDog, keep these guys up THERE! They give "Stormin' Norman" a whole different meaning...


ChipSeal said...

Rain is hard on lights! I got caught out in a rainstorm Saturday on my non-fendered bike. It has been parked since then. Twice now I have come upon the headlamp spontaneously turned on! I thought I had used enough electrical tape to keep water out of it.

This is a Faustian bargain. Lots of electrical tape to seal out water, but when the batteries die, changing them is made more difficult, especially when it is likely this will have to be performed at night at the side of a dark road!

It would seem that Cateye doesn't expect that folks who are wise enough to buy their products are crazy enough to ride in the rain.

I can't seem to recall ever being honked at by a Texas Longhorn fan. Just say'n.

Steve A said...

I have NEVER been honked at by a USC fan! Go TROJANS (except when playing the UW Huskies)!

UCLA remains a step below OU. And it will remain ever so...

A second set of new batteries seems to have brought the SuperFlash back. Maybe my kids were putting old batteries back into the new battery box. I bought another PB Blinkie to be doubly redundant. I really felt naked this morning when I was down to only one main rear light. ESPECIALLY after my Okie "friend" passed by. I know that extra lights don't mean extra safety, but we do what makes us feel better.

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