Friday, October 30

John Forester Talks Bike Infrastructure

Among other topics, he goes into the background of bike lanes, why Amsterdam and similar cities work for bikes, cycling on Seattle's Burke Gilman Trail, and other topics in a one hour talk at Google, with lots of Q&A. He's easier to listen to (talking mostly to an audience not previously exposed to vehicular cycling) than to read.

PS: Internet seems to be coming back - sorta anyway...


Filigree said...

Thank you for posting this. I LOVE John Forester. Hooray for John Forester. I so wish he were giving a talk on the East Coast.

I agree with what he says about the difference between cities like Amsterdam and American cities. Would love to arrange a conversation between him and Mikael Colville Andersen.

Keri said...

It's nice to see a positive comment about JF. I haven't met him, but a number of my friends are good friends with him.

A conversation between him and Mikael Anderson would certainly be interesting! I understand he debated Anne Lusk a few years ago in some public forum (maybe a pro bike/pro walk).

ChipSeal said...

All American cyclists who enjoy the liberty we have, owe a debt of gratitude to him. He has fought the good fight in many arenas, and it is a wonder he can be found in good humor at all!

Filigree said...

My feeling is that much of the dislike of him has more to do with the tone of his writing than the content. Especially the women I know bristle at the way he phrases things and even take issue with his discussions of "lady friends" and the role of cycling in relationships in Effective Cycling. I see what they mean, but I do not think it is offensive or sexist; rather endearing actually.

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