Friday, October 16

October 17

Where the West Begins. BABBLE GET TOGETHER. Be there or read about it later.

LAST UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details are SET.
  • Meet at the Texas and Pacific RR Station Park and Ride
  • 10AM
  • Route is simple and relaxing
  • If ChipSeal comes, we'll have a special route if he wants to go hammer and tongs without getting to the destination ahead of us (just kidding!)
  • Bring your most peculiar bike, or your least peculiar one. They're all interesting to me!
TRE schedule is here. Fort Worth Bicycle Route map is here. I found Route 340 to be very nice. You can ride the street the whole way or combine street riding with Trinity Trail riding depending on your inclination and whether you're behind or ahead of schedule. If you're on the trail, you may see scenes such as these. This western part of the trail has a boat house where rowers get their sculls onto the water.

OUR route is below (click on maps for larger image) and you can find navigable links here. If you like it, thank Doohickie. Actually, if you think it's lousy, thank Doohickie. As I recall, RatTrap is the food expert. All I did was give them a tiny dose of guilt. Just a relaxing Saturday for those not going to the Red River Shootout over in Dallas.

YIPES! We didn't figure out who was going to bring along inflatable rafts in case we have to cross the Trinity without being able to use the bridges!


twister said...

Wait! I should know this...

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Hey Twister, I need your email address.

Rantwick said...

Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?

Steve A said...

FW meeting

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