Thursday, October 15

Rain Makes Work

Click on image for larger view of Buddy's muddy down tube

I'm sorry, I don't mind riding in the rain, I don't mind getting wet. But I'm not fond of cleaning off the dried mud from morning  when I get home at night.

Maybe I really AM just a fair weather cyclist - unless I'm on Frankenbike in which case my six year-old inner self comes to the surface.


Rantwick said...

You clean that stuff off? No wonder the rain bugs you. You need to learn to mistreat your bikes. Remember, they don't have feelings.

Filigree said...

They have feelings.
But they like to be dirty.

Steve A said...

Buddy isn't fully amortized yet. Barely 3000 miles. Buddy can get REAL dirty in cyclocross season but dirty commuting means wear in the drivetrain. Filigree's chian guards are more than just pretty.

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