Tuesday, October 20

Speaking of Honking Project

A few additions to the data:
  • Added "day of the week" each honk occurs
  • Added "cyclist rear lighting" data
  • Added # commutes in between honking occurrences for perspective purposes
One more note - I did experience a honk on Sunday and I'm not counting it. An eastbound driver decided to stop, just because I (going westbound) was signaling to make a left turn. There were no stop signs or other reasons she OUGHT to have imagined she ought to stop in a main collector road. It certainly didn't bother the driver in front of her who proceeded east just as he would have with any other vehicle waiting for him before making a left turn. I decided to settle in for as long as it took, because it'd be a cold day in HELL before I turn in front of oncoming traffic with the right of way. I did wave to her to go, though the thought crossed my mind that it'd be interesting to see just how long the charade might go on. The honk came from a driver coming up behind me. That honk convinced the eastbound motorist to finally just go, at which point I completed my turn and all became well with the universe again.

Yeah, I'm stubborn, but I count THAT honk against the eastbound motorist. Contrary to what ChipSeal says, it ISN'T all about the cyclist...