Saturday, October 17

Where's Rantwick?

Click on image for larger view of Doohickie, er, Rantwick!

We're at the restaurant on our BABBLE Fort Worth get-together. Bring Filigree & Keri & Big Oak & the rest along with you!

We know you wanted to be here so we told them to send you the bill.

           -Steve A

PS: They said 'caus' y're a good guy, they'd take Canadian at par. $166 with a decent tip. We're lookin' out for ya, dude!

PPS: UPDATE AFTER GETTING HOME - Doohickie's got the REALLY GOOD photos. My iPhone camera decided to act up at an inconvenient moment. Doo brought along a REAL camera. Heh heh...


Rollz said...

The Canadian dollar is almost at par again.

Doohickie said...

I can maybe get pictures up on my blog tomorrow. I'm bushed. After the ride I went up to Denton for UNT's Homecoming (Mrs. Doohickie graduated from there in 2005), where she got an award of recognition for being teacher of the year at her school. Several teachers of the year were honored, as well as a principal and a superintendant, all of whom were UNT alumni.

Anyway, I'm bushed.

Rantwick said...

They'll never catch me, I tell ya! I'll take the numbers off my house! I'll disguise myself in a goofy realistic flesh-tone mask! Whatever it takes, 'cause I ain't got no $166 dollars...

Lookin' good, Doohickie.

Big Oak said...

Sounds like a good time! Can't wait to see the pics. Rantwick's a heck of a guy, picking up the tab and all!

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