Monday, November 30

Alien Deposits

Sometimes it seems a little strange at what passes for "artsy fartsy" landscaping in local housing developments. I decided to try out a new path, in part attracted to big white things in the Google satellite view. Lunchtime at work, a couple of us speculated on what the white things might be. So I made a detour to go down that path.

Just big rocks, strewn along the path for no apparent purpose other than the developer probably had the rocks sitting around. Not even a very interesting path other than small ponds off to the left of the photo. UNLESS those white "rocks" were actually recording devices left by aliens to see how much cycling activity we engage in on earth. I think far north Fort Worth won't overload their counting devices any time soon.

And yes, the path is as lame as it looks. A little lamer, actually, but I need more practice hopping curbs anyway. And it's a tough road to ride to get to the path as well. I recommend the path for dog walking, however. The dogs really like the idea of leaving doggy deposits on alien deposits.

PS: This was actually my second time to ride down that path. The first time, I didn't think to take any pictures. The picture was taking at the peak time when kids would be walking to school, within a block of an elementary school, which tells you how much of THAT there is around there.


Filigree said...

Funny, those rocks! That actually looks lie something the Co-Habitant and I would use in our "artsy-fartsy" photography (non-bike-related).

Why is the path lame, is it just very short and pointless?

PM Summer said...

How wide is it? 6 feet?

Part of its lameness is the width, no doubt. It looks like it really just a sidewalk.

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