Saturday, November 14

Almost Hit by a Car

My wife told me a couple of nights ago that she almost hit an older gentleman (nobody we know) on a bicycle. She was on Glade, shown here. I don’t like Glade since they “fixed” it. But none of the fixing made a difference in this case. You see, the gentleman was riding on the sidewalk toward the intersection. He was going too fast to stop or turn and so he flew out into the street in front of my wife. Fortunately, she was able to avoid running him over. My youngest daughter was in the car and I haven’t taught her how to pass people that just fly out into the middle of the traffic lane out of nowhere. I’m not sure I know how to pull off that maneuver myself if I’m in the Land Rover. Heck, I’m not sure I’d be able to avoid the guy if I were riding Buddy. He’s sure a lot bigger target than the squirrel.

If you ride on sidewalks, PLEASE be extra cautious when approaching intersections or driveways Sidewalks are (don’t tell anyone I said this) perfectly safe for someone to ride a bike on AS LONG AS the rider is following pedestrian rules and going pedestrian speeds. If you KNOW someone who rides on sidewalks, find a way to diplomatically let them know of the dangers they face. There’s a reason they don’t call them “siderides.”

Would I be required to discontinue this blog if a close relative hit someone on a bike? I hope not, and I hope I don't find out.


m e l i g r o s a said...

:((( be careful!!
I enjoy your posts, please continue to share with us

greetings from fog city central

dickdavid said...

Absolutely slow down on those sidewalks. With all the driveways, alleys, intersections, etc - running across cars is more likely.

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