Tuesday, November 24

Be Seen Light is NOT Enough!

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Logo
I've noticed that a couple of my readers (not naming names, of course, ChipSeal & Rantwick), think it's adequate to ride in the dark, with only "be seen" headlights.

I'm here to remind them they're going to discover, sooner or later, that it's not enough. Maybe they'll get lucky and merely break a wheel in an unexpected pothole or due to an unexpected clot of road debris. Maybe, on the other hand, they'll rediscover the origin of the famed Lockheed Skunk Works logo.

I'm glad I had my "see" light on so I was able to evade "ol stinky" with no actual contact. I actually swerved left, despite being poorly positioned for such a maneuver at the time (it was dark and the only car behind wasn't in a position to make my swerve a problem at the time). I'm also glad that "stinky" was as surprised as me and had no time to do his "thing." I certainly was not inclined to slow down for further investigation. I don't imagine the motorist behind even had the option, since "stinky" did a quick retreat toward the right side brush.

When I mentioned that polecat I almost encountered while crossing a creek bottom, my wife opined that it'd be hard to actually BURN a bike.

On the other hand, maybe it'd be better just to not know unless the worst happens...


Rat Trap Press said...

Skunks can be a real hazard. They're all over the Trinity Trails in the pre-dawn hours.

jeff said...

Yes, but if you did have to burn your bike, that would make for a great story!

Steve A said...

It's a story I'd rather leave for another to tell. I imagine Rat Trap is not eager to provide the exclusive scoop to fill in this blogging gap.

ChipSeal said...

Perhaps we can get a federal grant to dress all the local skunks in a safety vest!

ChipSeal said...

Scratch that last comment. No one would pay to clothe local politicians.

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