Friday, November 6

Saturday Objectives

In order of priority, cross race objectives PLAN (thanks, ChipSeal) includes:
  • Don't break anything, and ESPECIALLY don't discover cause to regret my tetanus shots aren't up to date
  • Don't puke, at least not on the racecourse
  • Don't get laughed off the racecourse - I'll try to do that shoulder thing and not just push the bike around stuff
  • Don't get silly and insist on riding all the way HOME unless it seems right - most every bike travels attached to a car at some point in its existence. At least we'll have ridden TO the race under our own power.
FRIDAY UPDATE - Gosh those cream-coloured knobby Vittoria tires look cute! I also remember why I took them off and replaced them with the Continentals for commuting. When I put the Vittorias on, my daughter noticed they had a "traction" direction and a "speed" direction. Since I figure I didn't have any of the latter anyway, I picked the "traction" direction. That seems consistent with the first element of the race plan, possibly at the expense of the second. I have the brakes set at the maximum amount of clearance they'll handle and still actually work AS brakes. V brakes and road levers is a touchy combination.


Night photo of Buddy, stripped down and ready to rumble
(well, except for the lights which I'll need to get to the train)

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Keri said...

Kick butt, have fun, live to tell about it!!

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