Saturday, November 28

Softening Stance on Bike Bells

I've not been a big fan of bike bells. Sure they sound cute, and all, but they don't work any better than a simple yell. Even on a path, while the overtaken pedestrian might like the little tinkle coming from behind, it does not provide the useful information that "passing on your left please"  conveys. Still, watching the video, a bike bell MIGHT be kind of fun, at least on Frankenbike. It's from England too, so it fits with the video...

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PM Summer said...

I use my bell (all of my bikes have bells) to alert pedestrians of my presence, and to amuse children. Both always smile, something they might not do if i rode along saying, "Yo, dude!"

On one cummute, as I passed through a "transitional" neighborhood, I saw up ahead what looked like (based upon watching TV cop shows) some sort of business transaction involving young males and contraband. My bell gave them enough advance warning of my pending arrival to wrap-up and stow whatever item of commerce was being traded, without my ever being close enough to actually "see" it.

Had I instead hollered, "Old honky coming through. Put your goods and heat away!", or stopped and turned around, I doubt the reception would have been so benign.

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