Friday, November 27

Steve DOES Have a Sordid Past

ChipSeal, exhibiting investigative zeal worthy of Woodward and Bernstein hunting down Richard Nixon, uncovered a photo that he posted on his blog. It's shown HERE. Taking a page from David Letterman, I have decided to make a full and complete confession rather than be subject to outrageous blackmail payment demands.

It's true. All of it. And a bit more besides (actually, a fair amount more). We WON that Horner Award, and another one two years later. We kicked Florida butt to get it - so my association with Florida predates CommuteOrlando. And we still have Felix, complete with its Washington State license plates (the actual plate number is different due to state replacement requirements). It's the photo for this post.

There, y'all happy now? Those durn Aussies! And, in support of a post I made on this blog, here, the weight change was NOT due to cycling. It was thanks to Dr Atkins. All the cycling did was to minimize regain of the weight. And I did NOT do anything inappropriate with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, either!

I just consider it fortunate that even the most determined sleuth cannot ferret out my connections with Stephan Kassner and the Civil War. I still have one last Horner Award to win - I want to be the first in the Jaguar Club to win that award three times in three different cars. But it won't happen this year. Probably not next year either...


ChipSeal said...

Congratulations Steve, on all of your motoring successes. (Perhaps teaching your daughter to properly operate one on the public road being the most prized and significant.)

I am glad to have spurred you into boasting of some of your glorious achievements! May many more be earned!

Filigree said...

You boys and your cars : )

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