Saturday, December 12


American Airlines DC-3 at CR Smith Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

Yesterday, seen over Fort Worth Alliance Airport, as I rode in to work, a DC-3 taking off  in American Airlines markings. It might have been the one at the AA museum near DFW (which is the one in the photo). Maybe there're TWO of them in AA livery. You just notice a few more things when you're riding in on a bike...

I can imagine the radio call:
"DFW Tower, this is American Airlines Flight 3 requesting clearance to land - we're a little late - about 70 years late."

PS: Next week - keep an eye on the news. I think Boeing will fly the 787 for the first time. Buffalo were sighted on the way home. Those guys have DEFINITELY got their winter coats on. Even the calves were looking pretty dark and they've got horns now.


DC said...

"...about 70 years late" Loved that, LOL, thanks!

Steve A said...

One nice thing about a DC-3, you don't have to be in a hurry to see it, unlike some of my other favorite planes. I felt like I could almost keep up with it on my bike and had to restrain myself from cheering for it as I rode.

Ed W said...

When I first moved to Tulsa about 20 years ago, a DC-3 flew cargo every evening from Tulsa International. The roar of those big rotary engines was distinctive. I haven't heard another one for years, except during the air show season when some biplanes pass overhead.

BTW, I'm trying to post this using the Opera browser. Upgrading Mozilla Firefow brought on some problems.

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