Tuesday, December 22

Film From Sanger

It's been a while since I took real film analog pictures. On Saturday, I brought the Praktica along to our ride from Sanger to Rosston, Texas. Here're a few shots. One thing I'd almost forgotten with an older SLR, is the time it takes to set up the exposure. I wasn't sure if/how the built in light meter would work since mercury cell batteries with the requisite 1.35v are no longer available and the alkaline equivalents available now put out 1.5v instead. It seemed to work, though I should probably drop down a stop from what the light meter suggests. Actually, film pictures are not bad, other than you have to take a whole roll since nowadays they put the image on a CD anyway at 1800X1215 resolution. Click on pictures for larger versions.

Chandra gets ready to depart on our trip.

Chandra leads Chris & Keith up a small rise
The road was as spacious and empty as it appears

Chris Johnson stops for a break

Everyone else followed his example

Scenery to the left of us
This stream lacked the muddy water typical of Texas streams

And scenery to the right of us
The rock formation at the stream bend was very interesting

Chandra, wondering if he brought enough stuff along
Myles, despite, appearances, was not snooping in the trunk

Detroit's glory years, rusting in a field

Rosston General Store, est 1879
the bikes favored the hitching post

Rosston General Store Detail
I didn't ask if they had "Star Tobacco" in stock


Ed W said...

I like those rusting old hulks, and the old cars are good too. (Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!)

Nice photos, Steve.

Apertome said...

I love film, and it was the perfect choice for this ride. Rustic setting, rustic camera. Glad you took the time and effort to bring an SLR with you. Sadly, the scan quality is not very good, but I have that problem whenever I have film processed here, too. I'm sure the shots look a lot better in person; I can imagine how the prints must look.

This makes me want to do some more film photography -- it's been too long! I have a Pentax K1000 that I just love, and some old rangefinders as well.

GreenComotion said...

nice shots, steve. while i never bought my own film slr, i always adored them. my dad took tons of photos with his contaflex and even developed both b&w and color. he taught me how to take a photograph with his contaflex, i still remember that day. i am glad you brought your nice camera along and brought back some great memories from both the ride and from many moons ago!

peace :)

MELI. said...

that is awesome - id like to bring the crew and ride with you all in the lone star.
cheers! & hi chandra :D

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