Wednesday, December 30

Kermit Felt Ashamed

Kermit was ashamed to face the camera...

In the slightly blurry photo above, taken yesterday afternoon, look closely and you'll see Kermit the frog is facing away from the camera. Kermit, being a frog, loves the rain, even if it is near freezing. His owner, however, after returning items to the library and stopping for coffee on the way home, is a little more delicate. Kermit didn't want to make his owner irritated with his big ol' grin. It reminded me of why I don't like to ski in the rain. Shortly after we arrived home, the rain turned to snow, but this is North Texas so it didn't stick. Today, it's back to being sunny.

One added note: I've collected more honks SINCE my last bike commute of the year on December 16th, than I did during the last three months of commuting. None of the honks were enough to really take much note of, but they'll duly go into the Honk Report. Two were near Sanger and one was on the way to the library. At least two of the three honks were nothing more than a sort of "just letting you know I'm back here" informative honk that would be difficult to take as much more than a goose "love honk."


Bike Lemming said...

Do they honk for Kermit?

Steve A said...

Kermit honks for them!

Filigree said...

Kermit will have to get used to his new friend's ways if he wants to ride together, and that's that!

I wonder why there are more honks now. Could be that the motorists are indignant that you are cycling in winter?

As an aside, I love it how "stopping for coffee" is mentioned in most of your posts. I am less open about my addiction, but suffice to say I am probably keeping that big mermaid-freak coffee company in business.

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