Wednesday, December 16

Last Commute

Crossing the Alliance Gateway Freeway

I made my last commute of 2009 today. All in all, it's been a pretty good bike riding year, as related here. I guess this is probably a good time to check chain wear. When I go back to work next year, each day will be getting longer.

Now I have to finish Christmas Shopping and the like. The thought has occurred to me that Frankenbike would not have parking problems at the Northeast Mall in Hurst, though I'd probably want to stick to purchasing smaller items. Everyone wants gift cards!

I DO have a few posts to make that have been bopping about in my head. So I don't forget:
  • Honking Project First Quarterly Update
  • Loneliness of the Long Distance Yeti
  • Where I Ride - And Why
  • Cars Really OUGHT to Stay off the Sidewalks
  • Don't Turn Around and Look Back
  • Moving On
  • MY Motorists
  • Concrete Guy Revisit
  • Hey, We're Not Driving in Japan
  • So, Just What IS Fair Weather, Anyway?
  • Hey, I've Got an Idea - "Freeways"
  • Twenty Miles, Through the Snow, Uphill Both Ways
  • and, probably the first of them - "I Think I'll Drive In"


jeff said...

Some great titles there. Maybe someday you should host a contest where you supply the title, and everyone does a post with their take on it.

Steve A said...

Good suggestion. It's a nice twist on the oft-used "caption this picture."

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