Thursday, December 10

Test Subjects Needed

This post might also be entitled "why the stupid little captchas?"

Well, it's an experiment. I want feedback, PARTICULARLY from those who may have seen some errors or other problems when attempting to post in the past here. CycleDog, you listening? Keri at CommuteOrlando? Others, such as Doohickie can repeat their amusing comments LAST time I did a post about blog problems. I think, however, that Doohickie can come up with a new mildly insulting comment.

Anyway, here's what changed. I now allow anonymous posts. On the other hand, I have those dopey little anti-spam captchas enabled. The theory is that now you'll be able to post without the error messages.

One thing I know the change accomplished. I commented using my iPhone anonymously with no problems or error messages at all, so I'm optimistic. Personally, I don't mind clicking on the "post comment" button repeatedly but I suspect it discourages and confuse some and my listening public is sparse enough that each comment is a precious gem not to be wasted.

If things work properly, I think a captcha is at least something that smooths things out while I look for a better Blogger fix.

When you read this, there should be an anonymous post below the post that says "Same to you, Doohickie." It's me.


Anonymous said...

"Same to you, Doohickie."

Pondero said...

Pondero, just checking in.

Anonymous said...

The only thing in Texas are steers and queers and you aint got no horns

Steve A said...

Anonymous, I think you err. The original is from "Full Metal Jacket" and refers to Oklamoma, not Texas. The closest approximation to Texas is from "Officer and a Gentleman" and totally omits any reference to horns.

Can't we get a little more original?

Steve A said...

Forgot to mention, I'm not from Texas. Are you?

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