Saturday, December 19

Yeti in Bedord?

Legendary "Cyclaris Vehicularis." More than just a tall tale?
Yeti - a legendary, perhaps mythical creature said to ride a bike on our streets, in our very own cities, in a vehicular manner. The "Cyclaris Vehicularis." Real, or imaginary? You be the judge.

Today, while coming back from Sanger, I got a text message from my oldest daughter, Erin (shown below as "E." I'll be "D.":

E: "We just saw a Yeti!'
D: "Silly Erin! So tell me!"
E: "Abbey saw him too. He was cycling under an overpass in the middle of the 12 ft wide bike lane ..."
D: "Did you get pictures or an interview?"
E: "No. He was too fast for use - all pictures would have been blurry."

Later, E indicated he was bundled up against the cold. That has a touch of realism. Real Yeti almost surely depend on more than just their natural insulation. Some say they're bundled up like Randy in "A Christmas Story."

Now, a couple of facts stand out. Unlike many Yeti sightings, this one actually had a corroborating witness. That means it rises above the usual "one of my friends told me one of their friends saw a Yeti."

ON THE OTHER HAND, there was nothing in the way of documentary evidence, instead resorting to the "blurry picture" dodge favored by conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists.

I suppose it's possible. I may be just one of those people that never see one, just as some people never see ghosts or chupacabras. They say he remained in sight for nearly a minute. No photos. We'll have to put this one into the "possible but not definite" category.

Past reference to Yeti on this blog is here and on occasion afterwards.


Filigree said...

People who cycle have a clear obligation to have a camera with fast capture capability at the ready at all times; your post is just further evience of this!

Dottie said...

Ha, I probably look like a yeti while cycling in the winter :)

Rantwick said...

Some time ago I promised to hand over any Yeti footage I capture from the bike without posting on it or anything: I will defer to you, the foremost authority on such sightings.

I wish to renew this pledge. So far, I keep thinking I've "got one", but seconds later my possible Yetis do something like return to the sidewalk. Hope springs eternal...

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