Tuesday, January 26

Fifty Five Miles

Is the distance for a direct ride from my house to ChipSeal's. If I maximize transit usage, that would drop to about 35 miles and the route looks a whole lot more pleasant for us fair weather cyclists. Eliot, in his comment, expressed some of what I've been thinking, though a little relaxation might work better than revisiting the scenes of the crime wave.

The REAL question, Mr Poopy Head, is: You have a coffee grinder? I've got a pound of unground beans. Eliot comes along, I'll bet we might even be able to help with that lousy internet connection.


Eliot Landrum said...

You and I think alike and must live near each other. I also plotted a route from my house that was about 55 miles. Using the Blue line, it gets down to 35 mi. The only problem I see is if some parts of the I-45 frontage road don't exist. Some Google satellite scouting might be required.

Oh, the other problem is that I would need a nap when I get there.

Velouria said...

That helmet looks very sculptural, almost post-modern.

Keri said...

Last night I had dream that ChipSeal had written a new post. I was relieved to know he was OK.

Have you made contact with him?

Eliot Landrum said...

Your dream has materialized!

Keri said...


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