Friday, February 26

Carbon Agenda

Here are the topics, more or less in order. The public might want some OUT of order:
Who says the Canadians Have Any Sense?
The Axiom Carbon Rack Has Less Load Capacity
at More Weight and 7X the Cost.
Hmm, Maybe They Aren't as Dumb as the Ones that BUY These Things!

Looking Cool Ain't Always Cheap!


RANTWICK said...

I've had a few beers, and well, I love you, man. I mean I love you like a brother, brother. That axiom (commonly sold all over the place here in Canaada) example is hilarious. Thank goodness I will never be able to afford that extra weight.

RANTWICK said...

* Canada

Steve A said...

You gotta admit those Axiom guys have nerves of steel when you compare their advertising claims about their "Transit" rack to the specifications of their "Streamliner Carbon" rack. Maybe the Transit guys ought to look at the Streamliner stuff before they decide just how good they are compared to the competition - oops, themselves.

Obviously the target market for the carbon market are "Buycycling Magazine" readers in the US. You hosers ought not to be quite so blatant about ripping off stupid Americans!

FWIW, I still love Cheryl. Those Swedes just ate too much lutefisk.

Pondero said...

mmmm...carbon. Bring it on, Steve!

Ron George said...

Bring it on!

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