Monday, February 1

Real Hardcore

For your consideration, bikes that ride, in all weather. All year. The owners tend to go to big box stores to get them. You see these bikes all the time. Occasionally you'll see them in transit. They might be going with traffic. They might be going against traffic, or on a sidewalk. THIS is the mainstream of utility cycling in the USA nowadays. It's transportation.


Eliot Landrum said...

But there's no blogs about this bicycle-using-segment of our population!

Keri said...

This segment also accounts for the majority of our crash statistics.

PM Summer said...

Keri said...
"This segment also accounts for the majority of our crash statistics."

Absolutely. I call them "The Invisible Cyclists".

I once walked with a prominent national bike/ped advocate through a local inner-city neighborhood, and asked him about all the cyclists we had encountered. He couldn't remember seeing any. They were in alleys, on sidewalks, walking their bikes, and generally traveling the same way a rabbit does in a meadow... from cover to cover.

But they don't ride $1000 fixies, so no one cares. Many are illegal aliens, and resist outreach efforts (we tried, once) as dangerous exposure.

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