Sunday, February 28

Steves Official Bike Bag Browser

The iPhone was MADE for Cyclists that Drink Coffee!
Despite claims (mercifully made in private) by Rantwick that I sometimes remind him of an ADHT squirrel, I think much of it is a combination of a really convenient browser that'll fit in a pocket or bike bag, and free wifi.

For your consideration, the photo at left is evidence that a little trip on a bike can lead to comments galore.

Add a bit of caffeine and, pretty soon, Rantwick's worried about my sanity. For the record, that's a "tall" coffee with no room. Actually, it's a "free registered card tall refill." I'm not an "artsy fartsy" coffee drinker.

Hmm, Rantwick worried about MY sanity. THAT is truly a scary thought...


Velouria said...

Oh Steve! I am so flattered to be featured next to your Starbucks and birdpoo : )

On a separate note, what is it with you men and small expensive gadgets? I love my newish (Xmas time) Macbook Air, but I have no urge to combine laptop with mobile phone. Personally I want my mobile phone to be as low-tech as possible, so that I am not reachable via email everywhere and at all hours.

Finally, is it a bad sign that your post made me crave coffee even though there is birdpoo next to it?...

Steve A said...

Hmm, there was no intended subliminal message from that juxtaposition of elements.

As for the expensive gadget. I went for six years with no cell phone at all. After my last flat tire, my wife told me we were going by the Apple Store before I was allowed back in the house. I do admit they are nice for those really wet days when something then breaks on the bike.

Actually, though, I'd happily skip the phone part of the iPhone and just keep the data. Like now.

Steve A said...

BTW, Velouria. The iPhone is quite nice. When a call comes in, just hit the "decline" button and the call goes away! Try that with the low tech phones. With them, you might be stuck answering the darn things.

And no, it's not a bad sign that you craved coffee. Tell the co-habitant he has a sacred duty to come up with an epic and memorable coffee run. Just keep the bird poo separate FROM the coffee. Even an inch is enough.

Rantwick said...

ADH D not T... was my original email a typo? I'm too lazy to check. You are absolutely correct to doubt the psychological assessments of a madman. I'm right, though. Ooowwwooohhh!

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