Monday, February 22

Things to Think About From a Different Direction

Many thanks to Principled Pragmatist for a Youtube video he noted over on ChipSeal's blog. While it may not be of much help to Chip's case, I found much in it worth considering, amongst them some VERY INTERESTING work on lighting and rear reflectors that may be relevant to cyclists. There is less useful information for cyclists in North Texas when it comes to influincing motorist overtaking behavior because we have mostly great sightlines down here and wider roads, unlike Amish country. There, if there's a double yellow line, it's probably really dangerous to pass. Here, it's the norm. Anyway. Check out those reflectors, combined with the stylish black of the buggies.

Anyway, the video goes beyond anything I've seen from Forester or DOT. They keep it up, I might even say something positive about Buckeyes someday. Maybe.


PS: So how 'bout that Cheryl Graham, eh, not to mention Carolyn Darbyshire's broom?


Rantwick said...

Hey man, those cryptic curling references at the tail end of posts are really quite bizarre. I suspect, eh, that they are aimed at me. I am honoured.

Steve A said...

I was so fascinated with Cheryl and Carolyn that my ride to the gym got delayed for a couple of hours on Sunday.

Chandra said...

Thank you for this great video. I was very happy to note that some of my methods for hi-vis were also the ones suggested by this video: 1) amber strobe light 2) orange triangle 3) reflective tape to increase side visibility.

Nice and informative video!

Peace :)

Steve A said...

Keep in mind that they do not discuss to what extent added visibility reduces collisions which is what we all want. Needless to say, it causes one to consider especially the things that are easy to do. Much easier than getting a new wardrobe.

Principled Pragmatist said...

It's Principled Pragmatist... Practical Pragmatist would be redundant!

Steve A said...

Well, PP certainly is correct!

danc said...

Thank you for sharing this video, the focus on of being visible, predictable is key for cyclists. The responsibilities of other roads user, particularly motorist to slow down and pass only when it is safe in under emphasized. I question if driving in Amish Country requires a different level of “due care.” The roads are winding, narrow in these counties, if you are in a hurry in a car you’ll have accident regardless of a buggy or if you are "texting."

The video was made in 1999 before Ohio Revised Code (ORC) revised “Establishing hazardous zones” § 4511.31 in 2006. A key point is that a slower vehicle proceeding at less than half the speed of the speed limit applicable to that location may be passed by a faster vehicle if capable of overtaking and passing the slower vehicle without exceeding the speed limit and sufficient clear sight distance, considering the speed of the slower vehicle. Takes the "impeding traffic" argument defangs it with a safety twist.

ORC 4511.11 “Animal-drawn or slow-moving vehicles ...“ deals with lamps, reflectors and emblems however cyclists are specifically exempted.

Finally thank you for the kind words of Ohioans! Holmes County is beautiful and know as the "Little Switzerland" of the Ohio.

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