Tuesday, March 2

Back to Work With Buddy

A Bit of Added Warmth and a Morning Sun Enticed the Cabelas Buffalo Herd out to Graze
It's been over three weeks since I rode to work. February has had lousy weather, including the first-ever "zero on the motorcycle meter" day I've seen. It hasn't all been the weather. I'd lost some of my desire to ride to work. I was feeling a bit hollow, partly due to the ChipSeal legal problems. They gnawed at me more than I liked. I didn't find myself going out to the sun room just to LOOK at Buddy. Partly it was just that I've been riding to work pretty much in the dark since Halloween. Today, however, I decided that Buddy needed a bit of exercise and also needed to show off its new fenders. While motorcycles may still have been in short supply at work, it was their loss. Even the buffalo were back out in the morning sun, grazing away. The expectant buffalo mothers-to-be were building their strength for the Spring arrival of new calves. Looking down over the valley (canyon by North Texas standards), the control tower of Alliance Airport signaled I was almost to work. The only thing missing was a T-38 jet screaming overhead.

A Sight I Aways Find a Morale Boost is the Sight of the Fort Worth Alliance Airport Control Tower
In this Case, Seen from the Fence Separating the Cabelas Buffalo Herd from the Cabelas Parking Lot
Even Buddy decided to show off a bit, demonstrating the stability that a bike has when its owner forsakes complicated, newfangled contraptions such as kick stands. In the background, is my nomination for "best parking lot anywhere to ride through." A six lane access road with a median and no traffic is about as far from "the parking lot your mom warned you against" as it is possible to get.

Kick Stands are for Sissies!
And, on the way home, it was not only still clear, but the north wind acted as a tail wind, easing my concern the new fenders had slowed me down a whole bunch. I stopped only to take the shot below, one that illustrates why even motorists don't think it's a good idea for them to drive across the grass in parks.

Motorists Taking Short Cuts in City Parks is Frowned Upon
Actually, the Tracks Were Probably from Nearby Gas Drilling Activity
or City Maintenance. Still, it's a Good Thing There are Lots of Roads Around!
Aren't Buddy's New Black Fenders Elegant?

Oh yeah, they still remember Buddy and me at Starbucks as well. Golly, but a nice commute really clears up the crabby factor!

No Bird Poo or Gadgets Today, Just a Working Bike
Waiting for Afternoon Coffee to be Consumed
Even the Carbon Seatpost Looks Pretty Relaxed in this Shot
The First Time Buddy Went into one of these Coffee Stores, a Regular Opined:
"I hope you only paid half price for that bike. It's only got half a seat!"


Oldfool said...

Having butted heads with the establishment and the so called LAW in my past the "ChipSeal" thing makes my chest hurt.

Steve A said...

Me too. The ride to work did, however, make it hurt less.

Chandra said...

good for you, steve. glad you are riding again to work.

i want to see those buffalo. where the heck are they? can you show'em to me sometime?

btw, there is something called a clickstand, which may not be for "sissies". i am gonna check it out and i will write a review about it.

peace :)

Velouria said...

I love the buffalo and the "parking lot".
And couldn't agree more about that saddle : )

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